Operated by  Active Duty and National Guard Green Berets, Team 11 is dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of all former members of the National Mine Reduction Group (NMRG) and their families, while also providing Special Immigrant Visa assistance to NMRG members seeking refuge from the Taliban.


Who is Team 11?

And Where Are They Now?

Belonging to a unit of Afghan counter-IED specialists known as the National Mine Reduction Group (NMRG), the original Team 11, quite literally cleared the way for the Army Green Berets they partnered with. Their technical expertise and familiarity with Taliban tactics was indispensable as they detected and disabled IEDs (usually by hand) in advance of US forces. Many American Special Operators are alive today because of Team 11 and others like them among the NMRG.

The vast majority of Team 11 was not fortunate enough to be on the flights out of Kabul: Including their families, there are more than 300 of these allies of the US still in Afghanistan- 2,000 with family counted among them. The former NRMG members are actively hunted by the Taliban

As if their affiliation with the US military was not dangerous enough, Team 11 are Hazaras- an ethnic minority that has suffered extensive persecution at the hands of the Taliban. With all variables considered, it is difficult to imagine a higher-risk group in Afghanistan.


Who We Are

And What Makes Us Different?

Unlike most charities, we are providing direct aid towards a very specific group of people; the NMRG members who protected us. They aren't unnamed, faceless refugees in a country we couldn't pinpoint on a map: We know their names, we know their faces- we know their silhouettes in the dark.

Every dollar spent goes to their assistance.


We are actively in contact with the members of Team 11- and because of this, the impacts of your donations will be tangible. Additionally, because of their extensive affiliation with US Special Operations, all have undergone extensive vetting, so we know exactly who is receiving aid. 

How You Can Help

Team 11 and their families fled their homes with only what they were capable of carrying themselves, so it is of immediate importance to ensure their well-being before all else.

To that end, initial donations will be directed towards health and welfare: food, shelter, winter clothing, and pediatric nutrition. Once these needs are ensured, efforts will pivot towards fulfilling SIV requirements; i.e national ID cards, passports and hopefully one day, flights out of Afghanistan. 

Gofundme is the preferred route of donation as it publicly transparent and helps in developing awareness. However, any and all donations are welcome.

We are a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

Keep Them Safe

The families of Team 11 cannot live safely outside of Kabul and Herat: international pressure is non-existent outside of the cities, leaving Taliban fundamentalism to run unchecked in the rural areas. This danger is amplified by their membership in the Hazara ethnic minority. As unbelievable as it may sound, Kabul is the safest option for them until the US Government devises a long-term plan for our Afghan Allies, or a non-profit or NGO can assist in their evacuation out of Afghanistan.

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Contact Team 11

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